We will point out courageously if we think Supreme Court’s decision is faulty – Sammy Gyamfi ahead of election petition verdict


The Communications Officer for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) says the party is expecting the Justices of the Supreme Court to deliver a fair and truthful verdict in the ongoing election petition trial.

Speaking ahead of the apex court’s ruling tomorrow, Sammy Gyamfi told JoyNews, however, that should the decision of the court be found to be faulty, “we [NDC] will point that out courageously without any fear of contradiction.

“We will do so and if there are any other rights that we can exercise in challenging the decision should it not be favourable and should it be necessary to do so, we will do so in accordance with the law of this country.”

Mr Sammy Gyamfi who spoke with JoyNews’ Emefa Apawu on “Top Story” said he is satisfied with the proceedings in court because it has been proven that President Akufo-Addo did not win the 2020 Presidential election.

He said: “To that extent we are satisfied. We will be in court tomorrow at 9:30 am and see what the court thinks about the issue.

“Let me repeat, for us, whichever way the verdict goes, we are very clear in our minds that the people of this country have gotten to know the truth and that truth is that candidate Akufo-Addo was not validly elected as the President of Ghana in the 2020 presidential elections.”

The Supreme Court in less than 24 hours, will on Thursday give its judgement on the election petition filed by Former President John Dramani Mahama.

According to Mr Gyamfi, a member of the petitioner’s legal team, the NDC as a party will not incite or condone any act of aggression or destruction should the court’s ruling not go in its favour.

“We are not a lawless party. John Mahama is not a lawless person. I think over the years, the NDC and our leader have shown that we have this country at heart. We are democrats and we believe in the rule of law.”

He iterated that the legal processes stipulated in the laws of the land are what the NDC will follow and adhere to in settling its grievances.

“That is the reason we resulted in this election petition when after the declaration of the results we realised that what has been declared as not the true verdict, we didn’t take the laws into our hands.

“We have not done that before and we will not do that tomorrow and the days after. So we are calm, we will be in court, hear the decision of the court,” he added.

Mr Sammy Gyamfi further gave the assurance that the NDC, its leaders and its members will not do anything to undermine the peace and stability of this country.

“Ghana is the only country we have and we must always ensure we use our systems and laws to resolve whatever differences or disagreements we have with the system or decision by our courts and that is what we will do,” he concluded.