We are seeking justice for Techiman South Election victims-Adjei-Mensah Korsah


    The Deputy minister-designate for Local government, Mr.Martin Adjei-Mensah Korsah says measures have been put in place to secure justice for victims of brutalities in Techiman South Constituency, in the 2020 general elections.

    Mr. Korsah, who is also a member of Parliament(MP) for the Techiman South Constituency made this known, when he appeared before the Appointments Committee of Parliament on Friday, June 11, 2021, to vet for his Deputy ministerial role.


    After the declaration of the Techiman South parliamentary results in the 2020 general election was declared, two persons lost their lives after being struck by warning shots from security personnel, while six others sustained gunshot wounds due to misunderstanding.

    The New Patriotic Party’s (NPP’s) Martin Adjei Mensah Korsah, was declared the winner in the polls, sparking agitation from some NDC supporters.

    The NDC maintains that it won the parliamentary polls in the area and has claimed that National Democratic Congress (NDC) insists it won the seat.

    The party is therefore in court, protesting the result as announced by the Electoral Commission (EC).

    Mr. Adjei-Mensah Korsah told the committee he will do everything to ensure that the constituency is peaceful.

    “What happened is one very unfortunate incident that characterized our election in Techiman South. We had engaged in a campaign devoid of tensions, acrimony and there was so much unity among the parties. The election came to a close and just at the very finish end which was the declaration point, there were some misunderstandings, and a confrontation ensued between some of my constituents and the security agencies leading to this unfortunate.”

    “We have taken several steps to understand exactly what happened and seek justice for those who were affected so that it doesn’t repeat itself.”

    Mr.Korsah further disclosed that he is building a four-bedroom house for the families of some of the victims.

    He also added that he paid for the hospital bills of the other victims who were hospitalized.

    “The event, as sad as it was, has brought us together. I personally on my own as the father of the constituency have taken some measure of support for the family to cushion them. One young man lost his life, the parents are sitting behind me in support of my vetting. That is the peace we want in Techiman South.”

    “We have also decided as a measure of support to provide shelter for the family of one of the victims and as a result that, a four-bedroom [apartment] is being put up for them and the same is also being done for the other family. For those who got injured, some hospital bills are being paid to support them,” he said.

    In March 2021, members of the New Patriotic Party in the Techiman South constituency petitioned the Interior Ministry to investigate the shooting incident that occurred on the 8th of December 2020 at the Techiman South Collation Centre, which led to the death of two people.

    According to the group, the investigation will help the constituents know exactly what caused the unfortunate event and give the victims justice. At least seven persons lost their lives nationwide due to violence during the 2020 general elections.