We are all in this together: COVID-19 as a leveller of humanity


By: Raymond A. Atuguba | Kobby Afari Yeboah

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how human everyone is. Not even the colour of our skin or eyes, the strength of our wealth, or the height of our education qualifies us for exemption from the virus. The virus pursues all of us despite the wide social and economic disparities between the Global North and South, the East and the West, the Developed and Underdeveloped countries.

The writers argue that the virus reinforces the bias of the current political structure: it is only when a tragedy strikes close to home that the ‘politically powerful’ are enraged to eliminate it. The infiltration of the virus into the homes of the leadership of many western and other countries marked the beginning of a concerted and calculated effort to take on the pandemic and wrestle it to the ground

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