Thoughts on the Upcoming Ghana School of Law Entrance Exams


By: Ebo Dantse

For those preparing for the Law School Entrance exams, I feel like sharing this with you. 

1. There is nothing like late to study or prepare. A day counts. Do not think you have not learnt enough. You will not ‘finish’ learning.

2. Every opinion expressed on any National or topical issues with legal implications is relevant. The argument may not be accurate but it will give you perspective. Just read as many as you will find.

3. Have enough sleep before the exams. Sleeping early and waking up early to revise will do you more good. Avoid staying late in the night to learn.

4. Do not be concerned about the huge numbers sitting for the exams. You are also a human being. Take note, there is nothing you can do about it. Just revise your notes.

5. Follow the instructions. Where the instructions appear to be ambiguous, ask for clarifications.

6. Do not punch. Read wide, if possible. Follow your instinct. If you believe an area of law will come spend some more time on it.

7. Follow instructions. A memo is a memo. Essays are essays. Eg. Do not write your name means do not write your name.

8. Do not set out to impress. Just answer the question and move on.

9. For MCQs, take your time and read the questions and answers very well. Some require simple logic to pick the right answer.

10. Space up your work. Do not write 10 lines without an indentation or leaving a line. At least let a paragraph convey a thought. Write what you want with clarity and with few words. I prefer that you leave a line. Examiners are human beings. They get tired marking. Make it easier to mark.

For elements or ingredients of an offence. Let it stand out. Eg. the elements of the offence of conspiracy are:


And explain each of the elements or ingredients.

11. Never leave the paper blank. Whatever the situation attempt the question and write something. I repeat attempt the question and write something.

12. Read over the work and make the necessary corrections.

13. After the paper, just move on. Do not discuss it. God will take care of the rest.

14. Make other contingency plans- masters is an option, consider it.