Thaddeus Sory responds to GJA, accuses it of misinformation


    Lawyer for the Judicial Service has accused the Ghana Journalist Association of public misinformation.

    According to Thaddeus Sory, the GJA’s response to a statement directed at some media houses by the Judicial Service to be circumspect in reporting on the service is misleading to a point of embarrassment.

    According to the former lawyer to the Electoral Commission, the letter of his client was anything but threats to the media as categorised by the GJA.

    His client’s letter, he claimed, acknowledges press freedom, affirms the law that free speech must be contained with the limits allowed by law and agrees that such speech, must foster legitimate aims and objectives.

    “The GJA statement says that it is a statement issued: “IN REACTION TO THREATS AGAINST THE MEDIA BY THE JUDICIAL SERVICE”

    ” I say that the heading is misleading to a point of embarrassment because, the statement issued by the Judiciary, acknowledges the right to free speech in so many paragraphs. Reference is made particularly to paragraphs 9 and 10 of the statement issued on behalf of the Judiciary,” Sory asserted on Tuesday.

    Read his full statement here.