“Stop work and remove all illegal structures on Pantang Hospital Lands within 21 days else…”-Lands Ministry to encroachers


    The Ministry of Lands and Natural resources is asking all encroachers on the Lands of the National Orthopedic Centre and Regional Mental Hospital at Pantang to stop work and remove all illegal structures or face the necessary actions.

    In a statement signed by the Chief Director, Prof. Patrick Agbesinyale, the Ministry indicates that its attention has been drawn to ongoing encroachments on the Pantang Hospital Lands and drew the attention of encroachers to the fact that those lands belong to the Government for such purposes.

    “The attention of the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources has been drawn to the fact that there are ongoing encroachments on the National Orthopedic Centre Site at Pantang with Similar encroachment on the Regional Mental Hospital site, also at Pantang in the Greater Accra Region.  For the avoidance of doubt, individuals or groups of persons should with immediate effect note that the stated land is government land acquired for the purposes of Mental Hospital and National Orthopedic Center and that any encroachment or trespass on such lands shall not be tolerated and or permitted.”

    Health workers at the Pantang Mental Hospital have recently complained about encroachment on their lands by Land guards who have created insecurity for them.

    This, therefore, led to the Mental Health workers declaring a strike action to press home their demands to the Assembly and the government to get their lands walled.

    The Ministry has therefore by its statement asked the encroachers to stop work on the lands and remove all illegal structures within 21 days from the date of their statement.

    Furthermore, it has indicated that it will be compelled to initiate an action through the Lands Commission, should the encroachers fail to vacate the lands.

    “Failure to comply with this directive will compel the government through the Lands Commission to initiated action against you in accordance with section 236 of the lands Act, 2020 (Act 1036).  The Ministry also seizes this opportunity to advise all and sundry who have encroached on public lands to desist from such practice and advise themselves before the law catches up with them,” it noted.

    In conclusion, the ministry reminds the public that all public lands are solely managed by the government in the trust of the people through the appropriate agency.

    “The public is also reminded that article 257(1) of the Constitution of the Republic states that “All public lands in Ghana shall be vested in the President on behalf of, and in trust for, the people of Ghana.  The Lands Commission has therefore been mandated to manage all such public lands,” it concluded.