“Social media companies to register as local firms before they can operate” – Nigeria Info Minister


Nigeria’s Information Minister has announced that social media firms who want to operate in the country would have to register as local companies and subsequently be issued a license.

The country has banned Twitter operations, following what it described as “use of the platform for activities … capable of undermining Nigeria’s corporate existence. This was shortly after the social network deleted a post by the country’s President over claims that it violated Twitter rules.

Earlier, the state broadcasting company, NBC, issued a statement that urged broadcasting companies to desist from collecting information or sourcing their content from Twitter.

Telecom firms in the country have since blocked all access to Twitter, although some other Nigerians continue to access the social network through Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

The Information Minister, Lai Mohammed told social media companies, “we are insisting that for you to operate in Nigeria you must first be a Nigerian company and be licensed by the broadcasting commission.”

The Minister’s statement however has not provided any timelines for implementation of this policy.