Retired soldier ‘mistakenly’ kills 2 at mining site at Amansie


    A retired security officer who allegedly failed to take out bullets from a gun after he fired warning shots is alleged to have mistakenly killed two persons afterwards.

    The incident occurred on Thursday, August 19, at Manso Kaniago in the Amansie South District of the Ashanti Region.

    The two dead are believed to be one Ghanaian and a Chinese national.

    Eyewitnesses who recounted the incident to the media indicated that the security officer provides security at the mining site where the incident took place. Some persons had attempted to operate around the concession area earlier which compelled him to fire the warning shots.

    A resident, Enoch Marfo who spoke to Accra-based Citi News mentioned that after warding off the encroachers, the retired soldier failed to remove the bullets. A series of events afterwards led to the gun falling and hitting the two.

    “The Chinese people decided to close their pit today [Thursday], so all the women in Manso Kaniago came there to get some small money to cater for their families. So two of the women entered the pit, so the retired soldier guarding the place fired two gunshots, so when he finished, he didn’t remove the bullets from the gun. So when he decided to push one of the two women who entered the pit, the gun fell and unfortunately, hit another guy standing by and also hit one Chinese man.”