Report of the Ad Hoc committee to investigate the procurement contract between the Government of Ghana and His Highness, Sheik H Dalmook Al Maktoum and S. L. Ahmed Global for the supply of Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccines


    “The Minister recollected that issues relating to the procurement of vaccines came up during the consideration of the Budget Estimates of the Ministry of Health by the Health Committee, held on the 22nd and 23rd of March, 2021. He admitted informing the Health Committee during the Budget Hearing that, no vaccine would be purchased at more than US$10.00 per dose but added that his assertion at the time was based on government to government dealings and not private. He also admitted he was aware of the ex-factory price of US$10.00. He said, however, that nothing prompted him to inform the Committee about the negotiations and the fact that the price was going to be pegged at US$19.00 when other cost elements like the syringes were added…”

    …As already stated, the Committee found that the Ministry of Health did not comply with the requirements of Article 181(5) of the Constitution in respect of its Agreement with Messrs Al Maktoum. The Minister said that he did that because of the exigencies of the time when COVID-19 posed public health crisis with highest fatalities and there was urgent global search for vaccines and at that material time the Agreements were signed, all government to government sources had failed as the bilateral sources had communicated to the Ministry that they would only be able to deliver in August 2021. Suffice to say that the bilateral sources did not include Russia since Ghana had no such arrangement with Russia.

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