Press release on the abitrary use of judicial power by magisterate Ibrahim Mohammed of Zone 6 Magisterate Court Abuja


The Attention of the Nigerian Bar Association Abuja (Unity Bar) has been drawn to a bizarre event that ensured between one of our member MR EBURU EKWE BARTH and a Magisterate wherein it was alleged that Mr EBURU EKWE BARTH interjected the Magisterate while delivering his ruling on an application before the court and the court in turn sited Mr Barth for contempt and was thereafter on the order of the Magisterate handcuffed and summarily sentenced to jail for 2 month.

While the Nigerian Bar Association Abuja, (Unity Bar) condemns every unruly act or disrespect to the court, we however, find it extremely offensive and the highest level of abuse of power to summarily sentence a lawyer to jail without given him a fair hearing in a manner that is best described as a sentimental show of anger.

We also find it rather unfortunate that all the attempt made by the NBA Abuja Bar to appeal to the Magisterate while the issue was still on-going to tender justice with mercy proved abortive.

The NBA have immediately filled an application to review the Order of court sentencing him to jail without fair hearing even when we had over 20 lawyers offering to take on the matter.

We have also reached out to the necessary authorities to ensure that this Order of court is reversed immediately.

We are also going to be submitting a petition against the Magisterate and ensure this trend is permanently put to a final stop.

We are currently battling with police brutality against lawyers we cannot allow our own institutions who should naturally be the last hope of the common man turn itself into a tool for brutalizing lawyers.

The Nigeria Bar Association, Abuja (Unity Bar) hereby use this opportunity Appeal to all the Lawyers in the FCT to remain calm as we are on top of the matter and we shall ensure that this arbitrary use of power by Magisterate Ibrahim Mohammed is curtailed. We shall keep you posted on the update.

Prince Adebiyi Adetosoye
Secretary NBA Abuja