Police Administration discusses Banking Sector security with BOG, Association of Bankers


    The Ghana Police Service met with official of the Bank of Ghana and the Association of Bankers on Tuesday, October 13,2021.

    This meeting was part of a review process on the movement of cash across the country by the Police Service, following attacks on some cash-in-transit operations.

    The meeting highlighted new strategies being mapped out by the Police Service to counter cash-in-transit robbery attacks and the challenges that are encountered. All areas of collaboration between the Police and the banks were examined.

    The meeting which was chaired by the IGP, was attended by members of the Police Management Board; the Governor of BoG and his Deputies; the President, the CEO and other executive members of the Association of Bankers. Also present were the CEOs of most of the major banks in the country.

    Furthermore, the Police Administration wishes to assure players within the banking sector and members of the public that it is committed to ensuring a safe and secure atmosphere for the banking industry and guarantee the safety of all persons in the country.

    Also, the Administration would like to assure all Police officers that their safety is paramount and the Service will go to all lengths to provide them with the needed protection to enable them to serve the society in peace.