Parliament will carry out its own investigation into alleged assault on Citi FM journalists – James Agalga


    The Ranking Member, Parliamentary Select Committee on Defence and Interior, says Parliament will probe the alleged assault on Citi FM journalist, Caleb Kudah, by operatives of the National Security Ministry.

    Speaking on Joy FM, Mr James Agalga stated that he has always been of the opinion that independent bodies should investigate accusations levelled against government institutions, especially the security agencies.

    “I have always maintained that in the name of transparency and accountability, we need separate institutions of state to investigate the state security apparatus whenever it is accused of certain infractions. So, I wish that we have some independent institution of the state taking up this matter. Parliament comes in handy in that regard,” he told Evans Mensah.

    According to him, this will ensure that matters regarding transparency and accountability are adequately addressed before the general public.

    In view of that, he reiterated Parliament will hold its own investigation despite the National Security Council Secretariat’s decision to investigate its own operatives.

    “So whether the National Security Council Secretariat itself investigates the manner of arrest of the Citi FM journalists or not, Parliament will not be derelict. We would also carry out our own investigation and establish the truth or otherwise of the allegations that we have all heard and are talking about,” he stated.

    His comments follow an account provided by Caleb Kudah claiming that he was manhandled by operatives of the National Security who accused him of filming in the precincts of the National Security Ministry in breach of a no photography rule.

    Following his account, the Ministry of National Security says it has initiated investigations into the alleged assault on the two, Caleb Kudah and Zoe Abu-Baidoo, during their arrest and interrogation.

    Meanwhile, the Builsa North MP in response to a question relating to the capability of the Legislature to carry out this initiative, noted that although Parliament has had some bad days, it has also chalked several successes in ensuring justice is served.

    He further added that it is imperative for Parliament to be open to the public on some investigations carried out despite their sensitive nature to protect its reputation.

    “I believe that there should be openness with respect to some of the investigations that Parliament and its committees conduct. Oftentimes, we get unnecessarily partisan when issues are brought before us for investigation, which in a way has dimmed public confidence in Parliament as an organ of government. But we will get there.

    “There are a number of times Parliament carried out very important investigations and saved this country a lot of money and actually corrected certain wrongs. But when we chalk success sometimes, not much is talked about our success. Parliament needs to be strengthened admittedly,” he said.

    He stressed that Parliament will do its best in the circumstances to ensure a thorough investigation into the accusations levelled against the National Security operatives.