Marking the end of 2021 Legal year: W/R Bar Association makes donations to courts in Takoradi


    The Western Regional Bar Association has donated 30 chairs for courtroom use to circuit and District courts in Takoradi. Additionally, the Association has replaced all fans & bulbs in the courts, as part of its activities to mark the end of the 2021 legal year.

    In an interview with Dennislaw News, President of the Western Regional Bar Association, Mr.Samuel Agbottah indicated that their gesture is meant to complement efforts of the Judicial Service of Ghana in improving the deplorable state of courts in the country.

    “As a matter of fact, when you visit or go into our courtrooms, you could find that certain basic things are lacking. If you go to where the litigants and even the lawyers sit, you could see that the chairs are nothing to write home about.

    “There is the need for us to help in fixing such challenges hence starting gradually by providing those chairs for both the High Courts of commercial jurisdiction and the general courts,” he said.

    Furthermore, quoting the popular adage ‘Rome was not built in a day’ Mr. Agbottah pledged his Association’s commitment to providing their widow’s mite to the courts to augment the logistical and material challenges.

    “The adage goes that Rome was not built in a day so once we identify the problems, gradually from time to time, we will continue providing our widow’s mite.

    “If you go to some of our courts, the situation is nothing to write home about. We owe it as law court users. We have to ensure that court users go there and access the best of the needed convenience.” He said.

    Mr. Agbottah bemoaned the fact that justice delivery may be affected by the deplorable nature of our courts if something is not done by all stakeholders especially.

    “When you look at the concept of the commercial courts, they are mostly supposed to be a place ideal for business cases and concerns. The litigants are supposed to be comfortably seated ideally but in reality, you will not see these things when you go.

    “So if a typical businessman who sits in a comfortable office comes to meet such a condition in a court, he will think otherwise,” he said.

    In concluding, he made a clarion call to all stakeholders in the legal system and well-meaning Ghanaians to support Ghanaian courts in the best ways possible to enhance justice delivery.