Mahama accuses Supreme Court of errors of law, miscarriage of justice


In a review application aimed at having the Electoral Commission Chairperson crossed-examined in an ongoing Presidential Election Petition, Former President John Mahama has accused the apex court of making fundamental errors of law.

According to the Petitioner, these errors were contained in the Court’s unanimous decision of 11th February 2021.

In that ruling, the court upheld the decision of the Electoral Commission to forfeit its right to put a witness in the box to testify on its behalf.

In an attempt to overturn the decision of the court, Mr Mahama said the ruling did not take into account statute and the court’s own previous decision.

The application dated 16th February 2021, said that should the ruling be made to stand, it would amount to a miscarriage of justice against the petitioner.

This latest attempt by the flagbearer of the NDC in the last Presidential Elections comes immediately after he failed to activate the route of a subpoena to get the Electoral Commission Chairperson cross-examined.

It remains to be seen whether this application will be granted or if it is, its impact on the 2020 Presidential Election Petition, which is challenging declared outcome of the 7th December election as announced by the election management body.