Lawyer for Achimota rasta students expresses faith in fair treatment for clients in school


    Lawyer of the Rastafari Council, Wayoe Ghanamanti has intimated that he is not worried about the two Rasta students in Achimota being treated with prejudice, following the decision by the Achimota School to appeal against the High Court’s ruling. 

    Public concerns had been rife over fears that the two students could be treated antagonistically, following the decision by the Achimota School to appeal. Read the statement here

    However, speaking exclusively to Dennislaw News, he observed that the two are day students who only spend the day in class and report home afterward. This situation limits the opportunities that could have been available to mistreat them or hinder their academic life.

    “In the first case, these students are day students, so they come in the day, go through the normal day of every student. These are students who are available in school for only a particular time … they don’t even go for entertainment and all those things for anyone with any intention to sideline them”, he observed.

    However, Lawyer Wayoe has also cautioned that his outfit would not treat lightly to any attempt by anyone to discriminate against them. He disclosed to Dennislaw News that “if anyone treats them differently when it is squarely within their rights, it becomes another matter.”

    Lawyer Wayoe further hinted that the Rastafari Council may consider efforts to ensure that institutional segregation against certain people is curtailed within the full provisions of the law. He made this highlight in his comment on whether the council would consider an application to the Supreme Court for finality on this matter.