Lawyer chases compensation for persons affected by demolition at Abuja CMB


    A lawyer representing some squatters at Abuja CMB in Accra has vowed to seek legal redress over the demolition of structures belonging to his clients.

    The lawyer, Faisal Ibrahim Cisse, told Citi News this was a human rights issue.

    “The steps we are going to take immediately is to go to court and ensure the right thing is done. This is a human rights matter,” Mr. Cisse said.

    The squatters’ wooden structures were pulled down on Sunday by a team of policemen from the Accra Regional Police Command.

    With approval from the regional police, the Korle Klottey Municipal Assembly and the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), a developer led the team to the site behind the head office of the Ghana Cocoa Board with heavy-duty equipment to undertake the demolition.

    The said the developer, who also engages in trading activities within the same enclave, had presented documents from the Ghana Railway Authority to prove ownership of that portion of the land.

    Some squatters also complained that they were not given prior notice of the demolition.

    Mr. Cisse maintains that the demolition was unlawful and added that he will also seek compensation for his clients.

    “We are going to go into it and ensure that the railways company has indeed granted the land to them, and see whether they used the right channel in granting it and see how they can claim compensation from those who are responsible for the demolition.”

    Source: citinewsroom