Institute measures to win citizens’ trust, confidence in Police Service – Ag. IGP urged


    Security Analyst, Adib Saani has called on the Acting Inspector General of Police, COP Dr. George Dampare to as a matter of urgency institute measures in winning the trust and confidence of citizens in the Ghana Police Service.

    Speaking to Benjamin Akakpo, Host of Prime Morning Show Tuesday, the Security Expert said that the recent spate of reported crime cases must be an issue of concern to the security agencies.

    Mr. Saani’s comments came at the back of a data from the Statistics Research and Monitoring Unit (SRMU) of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service which indicates that some 306 murder cases were reported to the police for the first quarter of 2021.

    261 of the victims were males and 52 females.

    The report indicated that in the period, though some 313 cases were reported to the police, it was established that only 306 were actually murders, after investigation.

    The Security Analyst believes Ghanaians in recent times seem to have lost confidence in the Police Service hence the lack of cooperation to nip the situation in the bud.

    According to Mr. Saani, he has on some occasions experienced situations where victims of crime did not find the need to report the incident to the police.

    “Recently, a Kasoa police spokesperson complained that people don’t report crimes to the police and I am surprised she said that because it means there is something wrong somewhere.”

    “The victim of the crime turned down my suggestion of making a police case because I believe it was a serious crime. I asked why and she asked me in return, to what end? This is a manifestation of the level of trust and confidence the people have in the police COP Dampare must work on building that confidence,” he said.

    He, however, disclosed that he had received a lot of calls from individuals complaining of not getting a positive response from the police after filing a case.

    “In criminology, there is what we call, the broken glass theory which means that as minor as an offense of breaking a glass is and if no action is taken, the next time, it will be the loss of human life; hence the police should give equal attention to all issues brought before them irrespective of the person’s status in society because next time they will take matters into their own hands and wouldn’t rely on the police.” he explained.

    Mr. Saani proposed that the Witness Protection Regime be improved as a way of encouraging citizens to give vital information to the security agencies to deal with the criminals in the society.