Informant petitions PIPS over police harassment In Akwatia


    An informant who testified against the Akwatia District Police Commander, DSP Yaw Danquah Agyekum, recently over a corruption scandal has alleged that he is being harassed by the Police for taking that bold decision.

    Information indicates that the Akwatia District Police Command has been trailing  Atta Quaittoo popularly known as (Atta mortuary man) who is an informant to the police in the district for testifying against the Akwatia District Police Commander.

    He has thus, filed a petition at the Police Intelligence and Professional Standards (PIPS) to investigate and bring the officers to order.

    According to Attah Quaittoo, about four years ago, he lodged a threat of harm case at the Akwatia Police station against someone who came to his house with Cutlass. The gentleman was then arrested and later granted police inquiry bail.

    Thereafter, he was impressed upon to withdraw the case by some opinion leaders in the community. He decided to respect the elders and later went to the station to withdraw the case where the investigator in charge of the case paraded him to the commander’s office to inform them of his intention.

    The commander upon hearing his request told him that he can only grant his request on condition that he bought 10 bags of cement for the station. “For the sake of peace and tranquility  I decided  to buy the cement, so one Elvis Timothy (alias Bible) accompanied  me  to buy the 10 bags of cement and brought them to the station before the commander  withdrew  the case” , he said.

    “Months later, I was invited to service enquiry at Akyem Oda in respect of petition one Robert Bosompem filed against the commander at PPSB to witness the cement saga. I also attended the invitation and stated what I know to the panel who sat on the case. Since then, I have been a target to the commander and some police officers at the station” he noted.

    Speaking in an interview, Atta Quaittoo revealed that, recently, the headmaster of a Roman Catholic School decided not to allow the youth of the community to play football on the school park, so he heaped trips of Sand on the park preventing the youth of the community to play football there.

    The youth upon realizing what the headmaster had done decided to confront in a peaceful manner without any form of indiscipline. The number of youth who went to the headmaster’s place were about 50 in number.

    The headmaster later went to the Akwatia Police station and lodged a complaint against the youth.

    On the 24th day of June, 2021 at about 9am, the Akwatia Police commander sent a team of armed Police officers to his house to arrest him because the headmaster had alleged that he threatened to beat him up. Apparently, he was not in the house at the time the men got there and according to witnesses account, the policemen came there with two Pick-up vehicle and when they did not find me, they attempt to arrest his girlfriend.

    Meanwhile, among all the 50 youth who went to see the headmaster, he was the only one the police commander and his men vigorously looked for to arrest when in actual facts it was a group that met the headmaster.

    Upon his checks, he found the attacks were engineered by the commander because he testified against him at the recent service enquiry in Akyem Oda, hence he petitioned the director of PPSB to save him from the injustice meted out to him but the commander refused to show up when they invited both of them.

    He is therefore calling on government, IGP Dr Dampare, Ministry of Defense, Interior Ministry to call the commander to order.