‘Holy’ kiss Anglican father pleads for forgiveness


    Father Baltharzzar Obeng Larbi, the Anglican priest at the center of the kissing video widely circulated on social media, has apologized and called for forgiveness from all and sundry.

    In a statement, Father Obeng Larbi recounts that the incident happened during a Church Service in appreciation of the level 300 students, who would be going for their Macro Teaching(Off-Campus Teaching Practice).

    According to him, the three students seen in the video performed extraordinarily well and were therefore called to be appreciated by the Chaplain.

    He further indicates that he decided to add a human touch to the above appreciation, which resulted in the scene in the video.

    Father Baltharzzar, therefore, admitted that he took things for granted and did not think through his action and therefore apologized to and asked for forgiveness from the Anglican Church and all and sundry.

    “Accordingly, I am sincerely sorry for my actions seen in the video. I seemed to have taken a number of things for granted. I did not think my behavior through and I admit that the act and its setting are wrong even in the absence of Covid-19.

    “I sincerely apologize to my Archbishop, the entirety of the Anglican Communion, the College, the affected students and their families, and the generality of the public,” he said.

    He, therefore, prayed for forgiveness from all and sundry.


    The Ministry of Education has joined the Anglican Diocese of Mampong to investigate the conduct of Rev.Father Larbi following public outcry.

    Reverend Father Obeng Larbi has therefore been asked to step aside while a committee conducts its investigation.