Ghana school of law to admit 550 students this year:Kwaku Azar writes


Paragraphs 1054 and 1055 of the Budget tell me something is wrong somewhere that requires somebody to do something.

At paragraph 1054, we are told that “the Ghana Law School conducted an entrance examination for 2,701 applicants in August 2020 for admissions into the Ghana School of Law out of which 1,045 students passed.”

This (39%) admission rate is not an impressive statistic but it is an improvement over prior years.

But the depressing part is in paragraph 1055, which reads “In 2021, the Ghana School of Law expects to conduct entrance examinations for 2,200 applicants and admit 550 to the School of Law.”

What type of expectation is this? Somebody sat somewhere and expects the admission rate in 2021 to be 25%?

And that somebody took this low expectation to the Attorney General who forwarded it to the Ministry of Finance to be incorporated in the Budget without any questions!

C’mmon! This bigotry of low expectation cannot be allowed to exist in the national budget. We must be better than that!

I do not understand who in this government is responsible for formulating or thinking about legal education.

Whoever it is needs to step up!

Da Yie!?