Full Ruling: Stop providing details of your network subscribers to Government-Court orders Vodafone, MTN


    “It is hereby ordered that 1st and 2nd Respondents and all other Telecommunication Network and Service Providers be and hereby retrained from providing the President, the Government, 3rd and 4th Respondents, their Agents, Assigns or Workmen however described with all the details and unhashed details of Applicant’s mobile money and that of all other mobile money subscribers…”

    The applicant, Francis Kwarteng Arthur, filed a suit on 6th April 2020 at the High Court in Accra against Ghana Telecommunication Company Limited, Scancom PLC(MTN Ghana), Kelni GVG Limited, National Communication Authority, and the Attorney General who are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Respondents respectively.

    Mr.Arthur held that the President of Ghana under Act 775 made an Executive Instrument which directed all the communication Network operators to make available personal information of network subscribers, that are in the possession of the communication network operators.

    He further held that his personal information, which had been collected and thus in possession of the Ghana Telecommunications Company Limited and MTN Ghana, are protected by the Constitution and should not have been given out as has been done, without his consent.

    The applicant, therefore, sought the court to make a declaration of several reliefs.

    The Court presided by Her Ladyship Rebecca Sittie(Mrs) restrained the Ghana Telecommunication Company Limited and MTN Ghana from providing details of mobile network subscribers to the President, the Government, NCA, and Kelni GVG among other declarations, including 20,000 cedis damages each against Kelni GVG and National Communication Authority(NCA) and 10,000 cedis against the Ghana Telecommunications Company Limited.

    Read the full ruling of the court below;