Enact anti-LGBTQI+ laws to make clear our identity as Ghanaians – Deputy Justice Minister-designate


    The Deputy Minister-Designate for Ministry of Justice and Attorney-General, Diana Asonaba Dapaah, has stressed the need for Parliament to enact laws that would state Ghana’s position on emerging global issues such as LGBTQI+ rights.

    According to her, these issues are being influenced by interests including cultural and moral ones, thus requires Parliament to pass laws that would express the country’s stance.

    She said, “there appear to be a number of changes going on all around us. Globally, and even within the African region. And I believe that these changes, part of which include same sex marriage, it goes beyond that, now we have the LGBTI Queer group etc.

    “These changes are, in my opinion humbly submitted, influenced by certain interests and consideration. Some of these interests even including cultural and moral. And I believe that it is only fair that we respect the views, the considerations.”

    And so, as much as we can respect or denounce these changes by other people, it behoves on the rest of the world to respect the choices we make as Ghanaians,” she added.

    She thus called on Members of parliament to “either determine that we are maintaining our laws as it is, because it is in consonance with article 39 of our constitution or we’re embracing the changes.”

    Her comments come at a time when citizens identifying with the LGBTQI+ community have come under attack from state institutions and the general public following the setting up and subsequent raid of an LGBT rights advocate office in the country by police officers.

    Three weeks ago, 21 LGBT rights activists were ambushed and arrested by a team of journalists and police officers when they were found organising a community empowerment programme to aid members of the LGBTQI+ community to protect and defend their rights.