Dress properly in court – Chief Justice tells judges, magistrates and lawyers


    Chief Justice Kwasi Anin-Yeboah is urging judges, magistrates and lawyers to uphold the proper dress codes and standards for appearing in court.

    “It is important to note that dressing in this manner helps to preserve the decorum, seriousness and formality of court proceedings and the importance of the proper administration of justice,” he noted in a circular dated 3rd September, 2021.

    The release which is signed by the Chief Justice himself further cautions that “underneath the robes, the attire to be worn may include; appropriately formal dark dress or suit (black); barrister’s trousers with bar waistcoast, white tunic shirt or white blouse with collar/collarette, court brand tie/bibs, studs and stiffeners; dark socks and black shoes.”

    According to the Chief Justice, observing these dressing standards will “maintain the dignity of the court, as this matter was raised by the Bar Association at a meeting of the General Legal Council”.

    Read the full statement below;