Democracy requires transparency in conflict resolution – Chief Justice affirms


    Chief Justice Kwesi Anin-Yeboah has indicated that democracy requires fair and transparent resolution of disputes between individuals and institutions. According to him, the absence of these threatens public confidence in the Judiciary.

    In a statement delivered on his behalf at s Sensitization session held in Kumasi on Ghana’s Case Tracking System, the Chief Justice noted that it is important for citizens to be able to trust the institutions that are mandated to protect and secure their rights. The absence of this could be inimical to the foundations of democracy itself.

    Ghana’s case tracking system was introduced in 2018 to support key actors in the justice delivery system in their efforts to collect, collate and harmonize data in a way that ensures effective justice delivery.

    The system helps to electronically access and monitor the stages and various processes associated with criminal cases, from the point of arrest through investigation, prosecution, conviction and rehabilitation to release.

    The Chief Justice further observed at the session that the public reacts negatively when they perceive the justice delivery system to be archaic and complex

    “That can be more troublesome than the issue for which they seek to invoke the decisions of the law courts,’’ he noted.

    The session was jointly organized by the Legal Resource Center, Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative and the Crime Check Foundation.