Court slaps UTAG with GHS3k over time wasting in injunction suit


    The University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) has been slapped with a cost of GHS3,000 by the Labour Court 1 Division of the High Court following its non-compliance with Order 20, regulations 14 of CI 47.

    The National Labour Commission had brought an injunction against UTAG over the latter’s refusal to comply with the orders of an interlocutory injunction secured by the NLC. This injunction was to compel the lecturers to return to the classroom while negotiations continued.

    However, the court was unable to proceed with the hearing, following failures by UTAG’s lawyers to complete required processes. Instead, they prayed the court to dispense of these processes in view of the urgency of the matter.

    Lawyers for the NLC thus raised preliminary objections over the failure of UTAG to not comply with these processes, which included attaching a certificate of exhibit to their application.

    The court subsequently awarded the cost against UTAG for not providing this inventory of evidence attached to its affidavit.

    UTAG is urging the government to restore the agreed-upon service conditions in 2012 which put entry-level lecturers on a salary of $2,084.

    Currently, the salary is pegged around $900.o Wednesday, August 19, 2021.