Court sentences trader for heaping refuse in her premises


    Bernice Agbemavor, a trader, has been fined for accumulating refuse in her shop. She pleaded guilty to the charge and was subsequently convicted on her plea.

    Agbemavor would pay 25 penalty units (GH¢300) and also GH¢100 as compensation to the Hohoe Municipal Assembly or serve six months imprisonment if she defaulted.

    Prosecuting, Mr Frank Azila-Gbettor disclosed to the court presided over by Madam Edith Lucy Dzormeku that the convict was absent from court on July 16, 2021, after which a bench warrant was secured for her arrest.

    He said Agbemavor was apprehended on July 28 by the Hohoe Police at 0630 hours and was brought to court the following day.

    The Prosecutor said on October 13, 2020, at 1000 hours, a team of Environmental Health Officers while on a house to a house inspection, entered the convict’s trade premises (kiosk), which she used as a dwelling place.

    He said the officers detected that the convict had accumulated refuse in a basket in front of her premises.
    The Prosecutor noted that the convict was educated to stop the practice and looked for a standard refuse bin with a fitting cover for the storage of refuse.

    He said on June 17, 2021, at about 1115 hours, the officers revisited Agbemavor’s premises and saw that she had accumulated refuse in a torn sack on the bare floor of her premises.

    Mr Azila-Gbettor told the court that the action of the convict could lead to the breeding of house flies and cause an outbreak of cholera in the area.

    “She was subsequently summoned for the offence to appear before this honourable court, for your necessary action please.”

    The convict told the court that she was unwell on July 16, which was the reason for her absence in court.