Church of Pentecost will campaign against MPs who oppose anti-LGBT bill – General Secretary


    The Church of Pentecost has indicated that it would campaign against Members of Parliament who oppose the anti-LGBT bill currently in Parliament.

    The Church whose membership make up an estimated 10% of the country’s population has noted that parliamentarians are morally obliged to pass the laws that are of interest to majority of Ghanaians. In light of the belief that homosexuality has no place in Ghanaian society, the church is urging Parliament to reflect this position and pass the Proper Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill with utmost urgency.

    The General Secretary of the Church of Pentecost made this known when he spoke to Accra-based Citi News, monitored by Dennislaw News

    According to him, the Church is prepared to take advantage of its huge membership to ensure that society and Parliament kick against the practice of homosexuality.

    The Church of Pentecost presented a memo to Parliament, backed by 15,000 signatories in support of the bill.

    “Our position is that we do not want this thing. The Church of Pentecost is 10.3 percent of the Ghanaian population.  It is not about legal issues but morality. Within 48 hours, we have 15,000 signatories so if we give ourselves a week, all the 3 million members of the Church will sign. So if the MPs vote against this Bill, we also campaign against them in their constituencies. They were voted to go and defend what we want. So our position is that we are not in support of LGBT.”

    “We don’t want that, that is why we are supporting parliament with our numbers. If the MPs decide otherwise, the churches are in discussions. This Bill will never survive in Ghana. If they throw it away and say that they are going to allow it, we will use our numbers to rescue the nation because we are doing this for posterity and the values and virtues of this country.  We have the numbers, and they are solidly behind us because we are fighting their cause”, Apostle Alexander Kumi Larbi added.

    Meanwhile, the Christian Council of Ghana as well as the National Chief Imam have already declared support for the bill.