Change your wig; it has lost its identity – Marful Sau to Akoto Ampaw


    The Supreme Court was Monday thrown into laughter when Marful Sau, , advised counsel for the 2nd Respondent, Akoto Ampaw, to dispose of his wig for having lost its identity.

    In a seeming jovial advice to the lawyer for the 2nd Respondent, who had just finished his submission in opposition to a motion by the petitioner to reopen his page, Marful Sau addressed him.

     “Mr. Akoto Ampaw, I think you have to change your wig, it has lost its identity as a wig”, he said in a fit of mild humour.

    Mr. Ampaw took off the wig from his head, looked at it and put it back on his head while responding to Marful Sau

    My Lord, it gives it a unique identity”, he said.

    The court was thrown into a momentary laughter.