Cease any acts that permit the use of motorcycles, tricycles for commercial purposes-NRSA directs 6 Municipalities


    The National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) has directed 6 Municipalities to cease with immediate effect, any acts or omissions that permit the use of motorcycles and tricycles for commercial purposes in their respective Districts.

    Also, the Authority expresses its disappointment at the rate at which some MMDAs have through their acts or omissions, undermined the Road Traffic Regulation, 2012(L.I. 2180).

    “By this notice, you are required to cease forthwith in the interest of public safety, any acts or omission that directly or indirectly permits the unlawful use of tricycles for fee-paying passenger services…,” it said.

    “The Authority has observed with disappointment the rate at which some Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies(MMDAs) undermine the Road Traffic Regulations, 2012(L.I.2180) out of their acts or omission which conduct exposes the public to danger on our roads,” it added.

    This is contained in a statement signed by the Director-General of the National Road Safety Authority, Ing. Mrs. May Obiri-Yeboah, and distributed to Chief Executives of 6 municipalities.

    Furthermore, the statement noted that despite the unambiguous position of Regulation 128, some MMDAs are permitting the use of tricycles for fare-paying passenger services by issuing stickers to them at a fee.

    The Authority, therefore, considers such acts as a threat to road safety.

    Also, it makes mention of the National Road Authority Act, 2019(Act 993) which vests the Authority with the duty to reduce road traffic crashes and casualties through the implementation and enforcement of standards.

    The National Road Safety Authority moreover notes that the above order has become necessary because the emergence of motorcycles and tricycles threatens the gains in improving road safety in the Country.

    “The emergence and use of motorcycles and tricycles appear to threaten the considerable gains made in improving the national road safety situation,”

    “Motorcycle and Tricycle-related deaths and injuries have increased considerably over the last 5 years as compared to those of cars, buses, and minibusses,”

    Attached to the statement is a chart showing the percentage change in casualties, fatalities, and the type of vehicle involved in crashes between 2015 and 2019.