“Be curious about what is happening elsewhere” – Justice Aboud tells African Human Rights Court


    President of the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights, Lady Justice Imani D. Aboud has urged that the justice system should be interested in events outside its traditional jurisdictions. According to her, it is necessary for the Judiciary to “air the courtroom by opening a window to the outside world.”

    Justice Aboud spoke at the virtual Judicial Retreat of Judges of the African Court, the first of its kind. The event which was monitored by the Ghana News Agency, offered an opportunity for reflection among high-level jurists, legal practitioners, and experts as well as human rights activists. She observed that the meeting was to afford a “rethink [of] our way of protecting human rights.”

    Justice Aboud noted that the best expressions of judicial protection of human rights by the Courts are attainable when the courts assume the belief that “human rights is an ideal, a perpetual and [an] ever-perfectible quest”.

    “We are convinced that the debates and the exchange of ideas among high-level practitioners will open the door to significantly greater benefits and impact of our work for the good of all Africans,” she added.

    The retreat was also a chance for participants to discuss strategies to address the snags that hinder the delivery of sound justice and avenues to protect the rights of all persons.