Ban on hunting in forests lifted


    The Forestry Commission has stated that it has lifted the ban on the hunting of wild animals in forests in Ghana.

    The ban on the hunting of wild animals began on August 1, 2021, as part of annual ‘close season’ measures to help the commission preserve endangered species in the country’s forests.

    It is also in accordance with the Wildlife Conservation Regulation 197, LI 685.

    “People have largely abided by the earlier call for the protection of sole wildlife species through the announcement of the closed season,” Ernestina Adumea Anie, Public Relations Officer for the Wildlife Division of the Commission said.

    The Commission says hunters have been asked to undergo a registration process so they can be identified officially as hunters as well as the equipment with which they hunt.

    This, the Commission says will enable them to track their work and better protect the forests.

    The Forestry Commission has held the view that the biodiversity of the country is being lost due to encroachment, illegal mining, forest degradation, uncontrolled hunting among other things.

    It has been observed that the decline of wildlife in the country must be reversed to sustain human livelihood and Ghana’s heritage.