Attempted robbery on Amasaman Melcom foiled by Police


    A police statement released on Tuesday evening indicates that a robbery that was attempted on the Amasaman branch of Melcom has been foiled by the Police.

    A suspect whose name has been given as Richard Essilfie, 22, has also been arrested in connection with the attempted robbery. Meanwhile, the police are still in pursuit of three other accomplices who managed to escape arrest.

    According to the police, “at about 2:43 am of 29th June 2021, a police patrol team responded to a distress call that thieves have broken into the Amasaman Melcom shop.”

    Richard Essilfie attempted to escape by jumping from the first floor of the shop to the ground but was quickly overpowered by the arriving police. The others managed to escape nonetheless.

    The police are currently investigating the case, the statement concludes.