Ali-Nakyea counsels on Ethics, Integrity, ‘faith cheques’ and failed prophecies


    Taxation Law lecturer, Practitioner and Author, Dr. Abdallah Ali-Nakyea has shared important insights into Tax Practice Management, telling practitioners how critical it is they need to bring ethics and integrity to bear on their profession.

    He was speaking at the 2021 orientation and induction ceremony of the Chartered Institute of Taxation, Ghana.

    According to him, it is not the place of tax experts to help their clients to cheat the system, rather, the least they can do is to point them to the right, saying professional ethics is all about what is good against what is bad, right against wrong.

    “If a taxpayer owes the GRA and you tell the taxpayer, you see, your GH¢1 million, if you can bring 500 (cedis), let’s go and talk to the officer, then we will pay 200 and that matter is dead, who is selling that idea to the taxpayer and yet we turn around and all of us are saying the GRA officers are corrupt. Who is corrupting them?”

    “If they come and audit your client, he has failed to file returns on due date, the first thing is to look into the law (and find out) is there anything I can do to bring down the liability? It is not about going to see somebody to try and… You see all the noise going on on social media about our respectable Chief Justice, when it goes out there it is not now about whether it is true or false, right or wrong, the image is gradually being washed down as it keeps being bantered about.”
    He also talks about the implications of a “faith cheque” and failed football prophecies.