Adult couple entitled to stay together in live-in relationship-Indian High Court


    An adult couple is entitled to stay together in a live-in-relationship, according to a ruling of the Punjab and Haryana high court.
    Justice Arun Kumar Tyagi, in an order passed on July 22, stated, “Both the petitioners are major and are entitled to live together in a live-in-relationship. They are also entitled to protection of their life and liberty against any harm from respondents.”

    An 18-year-old girl from Chandigarh and a 20-year-old man from Mohali, in their application, they had been living together after falling in love. “Our relationship is acceptable to the boy’s family but not that of the girl’s. We apprehend a danger to our life and liberty,” their petition said, adding they had submitted a representation for police protection to the UT SSP but no action was taken.

    The petitioners’ counsel, Jagan Nath Bhandari, submitted before the high court that two had made representation to the UT SSP seeking. The two had claimed they were getting threats, not in a position to go back home and were hiding themselves in different places. The girl had also claimed that she was beaten by her maternal uncle and cousin on July 12 and she left her house on July14 and started living with the youth.

    The court, in its order, said the petition was disposed of with the direction to the SSP to look into the grievances of the petitioners and take appropriate action for protection of their life and liberty as may be warranted by the circumstances.

    “The registry of this court is directed to send a copy of this order along with a copy of the petition and representation to the SSP for compliance,” the order said. Both boy and girl had submitted that they were adults and could live together as per their wish.