2021 GBA Presidency: A battle of groundbreaking experiences


    The battle for the Ghana Bar Association(GBA) Presidency is at its crescendo, as the 2021 Bar Election has begun in earnest. Voting is being done today, Wednesday, September 15, 2021.

    The process started at exactly 9 am.

    As usual, the election of new National Executives is a key highlight of the Annual Bar Conference.

    The battle for the coveted position, the Presidency, is a movie that lawyers and their associates are watching to the end.

    The 2021 Ghana Bar Association(GBA) Presidency is being battled out by 2 strong contenders; Madam Efua Ghartey and Mr.Yaw Boafo.


    Mr. Yaw Boafo has a wealth of experience as the current National Secretary and the former President, Vice President, Secretary, and Social Secretary of the Ashanti Regional Bar.

    With about 15 years of service in the above positions, it is not out of place to say that he is indeed a real contender for the position.

    He played a critical role in the setting up of a customized ICT platform that has enhanced the continuing legal education of lawyers as National Secretary.

    Mr.Boafo is a member of the General legal council and his outstanding organizational skill has won him great admiration and laurels in and outside the legal fraternity.

    The main campaign message of Mr.Boafo, going into this election, is to enhance ICT for the efficient administration of the Bar and the expansion of the Bar Centre among others.

    The Young Lawyer forum, the women Forum, and Corporate lawyers will forever be grateful to Mr. Boafo for his role in the amendment of the GBA constitution, to offer them representation on the General Council of the Bar.


    With an equally compelling track record and wealth of experience, Madam Efua Ghartey has once more put herself up to be considered for the Presidency of the Ghana Bar Association after her last attempt at the Koforidua Conference.

    She is the current President of the Greater Accra Bar Association and can never be forgotten for her smooth and impeccable running of the largest wing of the National Bar for 6 years.

    Madam Ghartey hopes to spearhead a fresh wind of change in the Ghana Bar Association.

    Certainly, having been able to manage and head over 2000 lawyers, she is indeed in a league of top notches, ideal for the Bar Presidency.

    Her several years of experience in legal practice have enabled her to understand the real challenges of the Ghanaian Lawyer.

    Under her leadership, the Greater Accra Bar Association hosted for the first time in 20 years, a Bar conference at Ada.

    Madam Ghartey has been able to institute several fora including an annual forum for newly enrolled lawyers in the Region to provide them with orientation for their job.

    Furthermore, she has been able to institute a free continuing legal education for the Greater Accra Bar.

    The Greater Accra Bar Association will forever be grateful to Madam Afua Ghartey for her competence and sterling leadership.


    For the vice-presidential position, Mr.Kwabena Amoako-Adjei and Yaa Gyakobo are battling it out strongly.

    Also, Nana Serwa Acheampong and Dr.Adu Anani Antwi are contesting the position of National Treasurer.

    However, the Public Relations Officer(PRO) position and that of the National Secretary have unopposed candidates.

    The Ghana Bar Association’s 2021 Conference which began on Monday, September 13, 2021, is ongoing at the Desert Pastures of the Fountain Gate Chapel in Bolgatanga.


    As many as 600 lawyers are participating in the conference, which is being held both in-person and virtually for the first time in the history of the GBA.

    The Ghana Bar Association(GBA) has organized about 27 National Conferences which have seen to the election of 27 National Presidents of the Association.

    Robert Samuel Blay, the first recorded President of the Association led from 1957 to 1959 however, there were other leaders of the Association before him.

    Initially, executives of the Ghana Bar association were elected for a one-year term but are currently elected to serve a term of three(3) years.

    Keep your fingers cross as we wait patiently for the close of polls to unveil the new crop of leaders to steer the affairs of the Ghana Bar Association(GBA) for the next three(3) years.

    We wish all aspirants the best of luck.