Send only senior lawyers to us – Chief Justice to Attorney General


    Chief Justice, Kwasi Anin-Yeboah has told Attorney General, Godfred Yeboah Dame to ensure that only senior lawyers are sent to represent the latter at the Supreme Court.

    These senior lawyers, he explained should be at the rank of Principal State Attorney and above.

    He said this will ensure that their experiences are brought to bear to assist the court.

    “We expect the representation from the Attorney General’s Office to be a Chief State Attorney or a Principal; at least to bring their experience to bear on the situation.

    “Because any representation that falls short of this may lead to the acquittal of somebody who ought not to be acquitted”.

    The Chief Justice on Monday received officials from the office of the Attorney General to discuss issues of concern.

    Mr. Anin-Yeboah said the Supreme Court is the final chamber of appeal and cases before it must therefore be handled with care by the most experienced attorneys.

    But the Attorney General, Godfred Yeboah Dame said this could pose major challenges for his office.

    He explained that the office is inadequately staffed and currently has about 26 Chief State Attorneys serving the whole nation.

    He said this directive, if followed will affect justice delivery in